This Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Vintage Vehicle: The 2019 Morgan Plus 4

As the human species hurtled into a new decade, 2019 played the host to several monumental events – a certain black hole photo, the cathedral that decided to mimic a bonfire, and this —the 2019 Morgan Plus 4 Works Edition.

Rare as a politician’s promise, it’s one of just 15 in the world and the only one in North America sporting a classic Silver White Metallic shell and Satin Silver White Metallic bonnet. This particular beacon of ubiquitous individuality boasts a meager 800 miles on the clock. Not exactly the odometer reading you’d expect from a year that gave us the infamous Area-51 raid.

Inside, you’ll find a shining homage to minimalism nestled in black leather, that, unlike your peculiar uncle’s stories, doesn’t overstay its welcome. One might argue it’s an acquired taste, much like enjoying the subtle artistry behind a Chainsmokers album.

Aptly named the ‘Works Edition’, one can only guess it’s because ‘Antique-Futuristic Rarity’ didn’t roll off the tongue as well. But who are we to judge? Let’s not forget, 2019 was also the year when neon-green haired, face-tattooed rappers became a thing.

In the grand sweepstakes of obscure historical referencing, we’d say the 2019 Morgan Plus 4 bears semblance to finding a left-handed snail — a delightful, head-turning anomaly that leaves you asking, ‘Yes, but have you driven it?’

You can find this wonderful car Here:

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