Neon Dodge sign - a glaring testament to the automobile glory of yesterday.

A Nod to Neon Novelty: Dodge’s Love Letter in Lights

In the year when Dodge stood strong amidst the economic turmoil of 2023, this Polaris within a chaos-ridden car cosmos got neonized. [Here’s a beacon of Dodge’s resilience]. In Livonia, Michigan, the sign awaits its new snobbish home, ready to assert technological titan Dodge’s bold stance in twinkling neon red.

The sign features a 120-volt earthly buzz beneath a cosmic calm; a twinkling dance of neon trapped within an iron galaxy. An approximately 18-foot declaration of diehard dedication to Dodge, this constellation of five letters, each around 24″ tall, will surely satisfy your automobile allegiance.

In the right setting, this colossal testament to Dodge could bring about a revival of the neon era. The only thing missing from this picture is Sinatra crooning, ‘Neon lights shining on me again, I thought the tinsel town would let me down,’—like a futuristic flashback dipped in yesteryears’ honey.

Can you dodge this dodge sign? Not for the faint-hearted or the light-headed!

You can find this wonderful car Here:

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