Stepping into a Serpentine Past with Ford’s ‘Daisy

Relish a jaunt down memory lane with Ford’s 2004 Cobra Concept, joyriding its way back into the limelight as the ultimate automotive nostalgia trip!

In the year when Facebook first graced our screens and we said ‘so long’ to the charismatic Friends, a rather fascinating event in the automotive realm flared up. Ford presented its Cobra Concept, a millennial interpretation of the classic. A brainchild of the iconic Carroll Shelby, given the humble nod as ‘Daisy’ and now in the sanctum of Beau Boeckmann, ready to unfold yet another chapter at the LA Auto Show. [Original Source]

Carrying a semblance of the timeless Shelby Cobra, Daisy rests on stretched wheels. Yet, it cradles a pioneering spirit, seen through 605 squirreled horsepower in its slim belly, housed in an all-aluminium 6.4-liter V10 ‘stolen’ from the 2004 Mustang Mach 1. Missing a roof and radio, it preaches the simple mantra – “A massive motor in a tiny, lightweight car.”

Modestly borrowing from Ford GT resulted in the conception of ‘Daisy’ in a brisk five-month span. It made waves at the 2004 Detroit Auto Show, increasing anticipation amongst the audience. Yet, the shining light dimmed abruptly with the oncoming Great Recession.

Rescued from the brink of oblivion, punished by Ford for charity and then resurrected, this drivable concept doubles as a jigsaw piece in the unbroken history of the Shelby Cobra.

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