The Gentle Roar of Sophistication

Echoing through the annals of history to 1991 when the Soviet Union nodded its final goodnight, we have the complexion of fine vintage. This very year birthed our 1991 Mercedes-Benz 300TE 3.4 AMG Wagon, originally modified by AMG and delivered to Germany, it now resides in Texas, jet-setting like Boris Yeltsin jumping between time and continents.

Gleaming in its Blue-Black Metallic finish, it showcases imposing AMG bodywork and 17″ Monoblock wheels. With heated seats upfront, you can keep your tuchus toasty during cold spells like Russian winters. This esteemed W124 model comes with German-language service records and a clean Carfax report, which, for a car, is like possessing your very own ‘Perestroika’; a mind free from historical blemishes.

This chariot is powered by a 3.4L M104 inline-six connected to an automatic transmission, providing a humbling reminder that subtle power is more desirable than brash displays of torque.

You can find this wonderful car Here:

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