A Turbocharged Trip Down Memory Lane With The 1989 Porsche 911

Let’s encounter the rolling embodiment of vehicular excellence that’s as French as the ’89 edition of the Louvre Pyramid itself – the Porsche 911 Turbo. Since I mentioned ’89, remember when East Berliners celebrated their newfound freedom by chiselling chunks of the Berlin Wall? Well, our automobile version of The Wall was put together with more care and purpose. Mind you, it not only withstood the test of time but emerged as a coveted beauty.

This Porsche 911 Turbo was tastefully birthed by the Exclusive program, one so exclusive its birth of ten similar exclusive siblings made ‘new Toyota Corolla’ sound more limited edition. Must be a French thing. It was later turned into a German masterpiece, thanks to our pals at RUF Automobile who evidently decided that an exclusive edition needed more exclusivity.

With a paint job as black as a moonless Fevrier night and leather upholstery as dark as my humor, this turbocharged luxury epitomizes elegance with the right hint of pretentiousness. The contact details that considerately come with the ride are stamped on a plaque, like a fancy tea set my old aunt Marry forgets to take out every Christmas.

No, it doesn’t have the most staggering wheels or an intrusive rear spoiler to distract from its beauty. Its sporty seats elegantly embrace the stark black leather; the kind that’s guaranteed to make you look and feel like Artoria Pendragon, mid-transformation into dark Saber.

Like the Ayatollah’s public image back in 1989, our Turbo received a ‘makeover’ from RUF Automobile. This inspired bundle of joy was fitted with an in-cabin boost controller, RUF-branded gauges, and even a 4R exhaust system along with multiple other things no layman could care about.

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