The “Grand Prix White Delight” with a Little Can Can in the Mix

The 1987 automobile world witnessed several wonders. After all, that was the same year when a brave New Yorker sailed across the Caribbean Sea in a garbage-filled boat named “Faith.” Kind of like how this Grand Prix White Porsche sailed across North Dakota, amidst the sea of mundane vehicles, undeterred and undimmed.

A testament to perseverance, the seller of this 1987 Porsche 911 Turbo Coupe might just be North Dakota’s equivalent of the intrepid garbage sailor. Rustling up this fantastic vehicle, now comfortably resting on Bridgestone slippers, just as the sailor found his haven in the Caribbean.

Finished in well-earned Grand Prix White, this Porsche flaunts its tea tray rear spoiler, much like a peacock puffs his plume at sunset. I bet as it zoomed down the North Dakota roads, onlookers would forget the chilly winds and marvel at the Can Can Red leather beautifying its insides. The power windows must’ve eased any futile attempts at a manual wind down during a sporadic summer day.

Now, here’s a lusty smirk for you all. Did I mention the Alpine stereo system that could’ve gifted you an acoustic Nirvana, had the air conditioner been functioning? Ah, remember, no amplifier could ever conquer nature’s rhythmic cadence.

Also, our gallant maverick’s four-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel seems to remember the dramatic year of its birth vividly. The year when Thatcher won a third term, staring at her milestones reflected in the 6,700-rpm redline of the Porsche’s central tachometer

Serving as its beating heart, we are treated with a turbocharged 3.3-liter flat-six linked with a four-speed manual transaxle and a limited-slip differential. An impressive Arteria Equipollentis, I must say. Performing the noble job comparable to the 1987 peace marchers who walked across the Sahara for that year’s global change.

Regrettably, no vehicle review is complete without pointing out that there are some oddities that could use a sympathetic ear at your favorite mechanic’s place. The odometer, for instance, has a mind of its own, taking a hiatus in 2020.

Before I bid you adieu, a quick bow in the direction of Global Self Storage, our generous sponsor for this curious endeavour. If you want to store the Porsche’s original seat covers, the Alpine music system, or even an ’87 cassette stereo, give them a call at 888.851.5605. Or drop them an email at

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