A Bauble of Bally’s Pinnacles Inspired By a 500-Mile Icon!

More than a game, more than a machine, this is a Midway marvel! Crafted in 1995, the very same year Wayne Gretzky’s magical stick put an icy spell on the New Jersey Devils to clinch the Stanley Cup after a 54-year drought, the Bally Indianapolis 500 pinball machine is a charming testament to a period humming with both anticipation and conquest!

Its historical alignment with significant global events transforms it beyond the contours of a mere arcade game. It’s an interactive time capsule, one which our friends at Global Self Storage, located in the scenic East Hampton, CT, could expertly preserve for those looking to store their historical treasures! Dial them at 888.851.5605 or drop a line at hello@globalselfstoragellc.com.

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Relive the Thrill of 500 Miles In A Less Back-Breaking Manner!

With artistic depictions of the enthralling Indianapolis 500 race cars, this pinball range is a true embodiment of Midway Manufacturing’s golden era. The company, having produced numerous icons since their inception in 1958, had become part of the Bally Manufacturing cosmos about a decade later. And voila, this game was conceived in the heart of this union.

Under its illuminated glass cover, the machine hides a pandemonium of pawing flippers, adventurous ramps, and assertive bumpers. Furthermore, an ingenious ball shaker mimics the engine’s rhythm with precision.

The High-Tech Wizardry Of 1995 Beckons An Awe-inspiring Ride!

This Indianapolis 500 pinball machine has some impressive technical flourishes. LED bulbs, adjusted switches, and spanking new opto-switches and rubber rings make it gleam with a concoction of nostalgia and innovation. But wait till you lay an eye on its liquid-crystal display, revealing the knotty details of high-speed records and accumulated points.