Paint me Amused by this Pastel Pony Car.

Good day to you, vintage vehicle voyagers! Victor Vintage Vaughn here, back with a whimsical tale of an unusual four-wheeled find sponsored by our eminent friends at Global Self Storage, based in East Hampton, CT (phone: 888.851.5605, email: This titanic discovery is the veritable needle in the haystack of car hunting – or shall we say a pastel pink unicorn amongst mustangs? But first, a historical interlude.

1967: Not just the year of Pink Shelby GT500s

“A Swirling Dance of Pastel Pink and Historic Hues”

1967. It was the year when Thurgood Marshall was sworn in as the first African-American justice of the Supreme Court. An event that, like our barn find, shifted American history in unforeseen ways, striving to change the grimy grey of prejudice into the pastel tints of progress. And yet, it seems that historical change was not limited to the scales of justice. No, the winds of change had also wafted into the barns of Alabama.

Presenting the Pink Panther of Pony Cars

“When You’re In The Pink, It’s Impossible to Conceal”

This raspberry-hued revelation, a 1967 Shelby GT500 no less, was discovered languishing in an unassuming barn in Alabama by the diligent scouts at Nate’s Classic Cars. The covering of grime and dust, much like the smoky haze of a mystery novel, only added to its quirky allure. Now, you might ask – was this bewitching beauty born in blush? Not quite, while this particular shade wasn’t the original, it certainly graced the Shelby with a unique aesthetic identity.

The Perks of Being A Pink Pony

“Colorful Departures and Faithful Retentions”

Stripped of its engine but otherwise in excellent shape, this Shelby GT500 remains a remarkable machine ripe for renovation, furnished with ear-catching accoutrements such as Cragar S/S wheels and 1969-1970 sport mirrors. The original chairs and carpets sit undisturbed, while an aftermarket shifter adds a modern twist to its vintage visage.

Today, as we stand looking at its rare voicing in the color pink and anticipating its forthcoming restoration, the vehicle serves as a colorful reminder, much like the historic events of 1967, that uniqueness often lurks in unexpected places.

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A Nose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet… Or Would It?

Indulge your senses in the nectar of nostalgia at Barn-Find Might Be the Only Pink 1967 Shelby GT500 in Existence”

Tune in next time for more vintage vehicular ventures. Victor Vintage Vaughn, signing off. Bundle up, brave explorers! The world of forgotten vehicles awaits your gaze.

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