A Classy Symbol from the Era of Shoulder Pads and Game Boy

Here we observe a spectacle of Italian finesse, the 1987 Ferrari Testarossa – a sleek serenade paying homage to the era that gave us such hits as *Star Wars: Return of the Jedi* and *Dirty Dancing*. With just 25k miles under the hood, don’t let its simplicity fool you. No siree, it’s as primed as ever. Dry humor, that. [Link](https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1987-ferrari-testarossa-35/)

Exterior Mastery, or How Nero Became the New Black

Cloaked in an exquisite Nero finish with accentuating pop-up headlights, the Testarossa is a prime rarity. The lopsided cooling duct beneath the left fog light adds a touch of asymmetry that would make Picasso salivate. The silver 16″ five-spoke alloys wheel the experience into a complete sphere. It’s truly a sight to see, or not, as they say.

Interior: The Velvet Kiss of Red Leather

Step inside this symphony of elegance and you’ll find a plush cavern bathed in sensuous red leather upholstery. Features include motorized seat belts, a stereo, gated shifter, air conditioning, rear window defroster, and power windows. The three-spoke leather-wrapped MOMO steering and Veglia instrumentation might make you feel like a maestro conducting an orchestra. Let’s call it Puccini for the Petrolheads, shall we?

Under the Hood: A Flat-12 Fibonacci Sequence

Burning beneath the beautiful body is a poetic 4.9-liter flat-12 OEM-rated at 380 horsepower and engaging a limited-slip differential. There’s a reason why Fellini never made a movie about a Prius. The timing belt was serviced recently in August 2023, with engine-out photographs available in the gallery.

You can find this wonderful car here.

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