Prancing Through Decades: A Tale of a German Vintage, Told by a Witty Victor

“Low-key Thrills in a Turbo-Packed Ride: The 1982 Porsche RUF BTR-Turbo Lightweight”

Marlene Dietrich famously crooned, “I still have a suitcase in Berlin,” signifying her love for her native Deutschland. Today’s treasure earns itself a similar sentiment in my heart- a suitcase in no less than three continents. Why ‘suitcase’, you ask? Well, it’s a vintage ride with its luggage of stories, all packed into a 1982 Porsche RUF BTR-Turbo Lightweight.

This high-powered saga unfolds with a discerning German Patron who ordered this beauty, fresh from the Porsche stables. Looking back, it was Isaac Newton’s annus mirabilis taking a vehicular form – I see, said the blind man in 1982, and the result was this stunning Porsche.

Next, it hot-footed to global storage and car wizards at RUF Automobile GmbH. It was thereafter passed on to a collector in the Land of the Rising Sun, its convertible sunroof bearing witness to dawning decades until it landed on American soil in *2023*. Such jet-setting!

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Streamlining the Powerhouse Porsche

A standout in the acme of the global crises of the early 80s was – you guessed right – this Porsche 911 Turbo. Its turbocharged Type 930/60 flat-six pertinently RUF-modified to up the displacement ante to 3.4 liters. The result, you might ask? A staggering 374 horsepower and 354 lb-ft of torque!

This rolling powerhouse of a Porsche sports a Grand Prix White coat. Mountainous cliffs of Bilstein modified suspension, like the majestic Rockies, support the BTR-spec ride. Its treaded Pirelli P Zero Rosso tires dance on Porscha’s tarmac, much like the eye-catching ballet of the moon Jupiter’s shadow on its surface in 1982.

Now to raise a toast to the cabin elegance. A mass of excellently manicured Recaro-front seats welcome you as you step into this refined 80s ride. Between our sighs of admiration, nonchalantly lies a manual boost controller. Air conditioning and a Blaupunkt cassette player quietly compete for your attention.

As a friendly reminder, here is the link to the listing.

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