The Retro Reinvention: 1967 Mustang Goes Green

Review: Shimmering like an oasis in the Sahara of sameness, behold the Charge Cars 1967 Ford Mustang EV Restomod. Much like the Summer of Love in ’67 itself, this revamped ride brings the spirit of revolution—electrification, making it the vehicle equivalent of a space-age Beatles album—a classic reimagined.

This horse boasts an electrifying ensemble of four motors, dishing out a combined horsepower of 536. It zooms from naught to 60 quicker than a sneeze at 3.99 seconds— a pure testament to its robust creature comforts camouflaged in a nostalgic shell.

But it’s not all about the sprint; it can stride too, with a 200-mile range on a single charge. Indeed, a unique beast breathing in amperes and exhaling torque; a mythical Pegasus, if you please. And while on Greek myth, only 499 Prometheus-like individuals will light their garage with this flaming marvel, each at a tidy sum of $424,870. Expensive? Well, time travel never came cheap!

You can find this wonderful car Here:

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