A ‘jaw-droppingly’ magnificent Dodge Viper in all its glory!

Put on your reading glasses, pour out a shot of motor oil and tune up your sense of humor, you ‘fuel-injected’ fanatics! Pull up a chair as I take you for a joy ride. We’re going to rip the tarmac apart with this ‘fearsomely fabulous’ 2004 Dodge Viper SRT-10 Mamba Edition—a heartstring tugger for the Mopar blooded amongst us!

A Reptile Roadster To Remember!

Slithering in at #99 of 200 masterpieces, this ‘asphalt-commanding’ beast flaunts just over 6k modest miles on her odometer. Harnessing the raw power of an 8.3-liter V10 engine and a consistent six-speed manual transmission, it’s fiendishly finished in Viper Black, hugging black leather and microsuede upholstery.

Look past the (nearly blinding) HID headlights, and find yourself entranced by the polished 18″ and 19″ alloy wheels that this viper cunningly camouflages. You will be ensnared by the seductive blend of modern design, timeless style, and raw power that’s simply Dodge*

When was the last time you saw a piece of machinery with such personality, ‘gearheads’? This car has stories to tell—the year it was born, Janet Jackson had her infamous “wardrobe malfunction”; and Facebook, the social media giant, was launched. Infamous exposures aside, the legacy of the Viper shines through the smog of history.

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