Vintage Victory: The Meyers Manx Dune Buggy – Shiny, Sleek, And Sand-Savvy*

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Out of the Box and Onto the Beach

In 1968, a year that saw Apollo 8 orbiting the moon, the Meyers Manx was voyaging over dunes and slices of Californian sunshine. Cut from the same cloth, these dual pioneers demonstrate an enduring spirit of invention. Like metallic handfuls of ocean, it flashes in a stunning blue and black vinyl upholstery, powered by an agile, air-cooled 1.6L flat-four paired with a four-speed manual transaxle. The Manx was assembled and authenticated, wrapping up its journey in the capable hands of its current owner in 2019.

Look Under the Hood, or Rather, Where the Hood Should Be

Shod with robust 14″ Centerline-style alloy wheels mounted with sturdy 205/70 Trazano H550-A tires. Fronted by distinctive Dietz headlights and flanked by dual side-view mirrors, it is as visually appealing as it is ruggedly designed. Adorned with Meyers Manx badging, it’s steeped in character and ripe for tales of adventure. Though touched by the hand of time, this buggy still flaunts its charm with pride. Consider it the automotive equivalent of a well-worn vintage leather jacket – timeless, classic, yet oozing with character.

Sit Back, and Enjoy the… Sand Dunes?

A battery mounted behind the passenger’s seat, an oil filter adapter that spins like an overeager ballerina, and a dual exhaust system reminding you that this 1968 buggy still huffs and puffs like a champ. The spacious interior features black vinyl bucket seats practically suggesting they were stolen from some far more comfortable luxury sedan, a roll bar daring physics to give it a shot, and a (sequoia stump, I believe) wooden instrument panel.

Certificate of Authenticity: The Vehicle Version of a Nobel Prize

Meyers Manx is not shy about boasting its creation, providing a Certificate of Authenticity with the striking registry authentication #0233. The vehicle is teased as a pre-tag, but the body tag can be viewed flirtatiously via the gallery link.

To summarize, it’s an intriguing find for folks with a seismic sense of adventure and a taste for vintage. It’s not just the thrill of the ride that’s up for grabs here, but the chance to possess a relic of beach-buggy history. And remember, Global Self Storage is there to store your new/old shiny toy. Because they’re lovely like that.

Link to the treasure: find your Meyers Manx here

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