Recalling the Revolution of Swiss ‘Alpine White’ on Wheels

1986— the year when Haley’s Comet glistened at its brightest, and ‘Top Gun’ ruled the Box Office, parallels the year the stork of Porsche AMAG dropped this rarity into the world. Of the 15 alpine babies, this 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo S wrapped in a Grand Prix White finish was a coveted spectacle.

A surefire attention magnet on the Swiss roads, sporting side air intakes reminiscent of the once-presidential A-10 Thunderbolt II. The Turbo-Nanny or better known as the powered sunroof only adds to the suave demeanour. Heated seats emulate a warm Swiss chalet in the midst of a snowy landscape while the air conditioning stands ready to combat roasting Geneva summers.

This crème de la crème of vehicular craftsmanship deboarded its voyage into the unknown, docking in Oslo, now waiting for the right offshore wind.

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This exclusive Swiss Turbo had quite the adventurous life, being imported and exported for factory adjustments. Probably realizing that merely being the third smallest country in Europe was not enough, Switzerland was up for adventurous stints, akin to courting a lady love. It’s quite a unique assertion of Swiss stubbornness dressed in whimsy.

A Vehicle’s Life Span in a Quirk Ride:

The garb of Grand Prix White applied after a professional paint correction inherently nuzzled itself into the automotive top coat Hall of Fame. Let’s not forget our honourable mention — Falken GRB FK-451 tires, offering a comfortable seat to the black-died 16” Fuchs wheels, offering us a peek into the extravagant ’80s fashion!

The heart of this machine, a turbocharged 3.3-liter flat-six was where chants such as ‘power to the people’ found a new persona. This powerhouse, notwithstanding its adventurous life, continues to imbibe the vibe of the electronica era, making for a timeless escape pod.

Curtsy to the Time Capsule:

Victor Vintage Vaughn, bids adieu to this timeless piece of automotive history, while Global Self Storage, East Hampton assists in unearthing the next treasure. Dear readers, stay tuned, and remember, we’re taking a drive through memory lane, not an adrenaline-filled drag race!

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