A Meyers Manx – Because Sometimes, a Volkswagen Just Won’t Cut the Mustard!”

Ah, the year 1977: era of disco balls, flared trousers, and that delightful year when we first witnessed Star Wars’ galactic greatness. Just like Darth Vader surprising his son with a “Casual Friday” reveal, we’re here to unveil a jaw-dropping marvel from that same era. No light-saber necessary.

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Handy Meyers Manx Look that’s Still Funky After All These Years

This refurbished Hollywood-bright, metallic orange Meyers Manx is more surprising than a pet rock coming to life. Burbling with a registry authentication number 1489, its fiberglass body nestles comfortably on a 1977 Volkswagen pan. Is it suitable to show up at a vintage prom night? Most certainly.

Pedal to the Metal in Flashy Performance

Under the hood is a replacement 1.6-liter flat-four, paired with a four-speed manual transaxle. A nod to the individualism of the year 1977, when Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” poured from every 8-track. Buckle up (oops, we’re not supposed to say that, right?)—Prepare for lift-off, then. This is the year the Voyager I was launched—the same underlining spirit of exploration lives through this Manx. Boldly go where no Manx has gone before!

Comfort and Style – As Unrelated as Oil & Vinegar, Yet Mixed Just Right

Contributing to the vehicular mélange are freshly upholstered bucket seats, an oil pressure gauge, and a fuel level gauge implying a sense of organized chaos as they nestle in obsidian black. In the center lies the showstopper – a 90-mph speedometer. Its reading could indicate how fast Jimmy Carter sprinted out of the Oval Office after a peanut sighting, or it could just be reading your pulse when you sit in the driver’s seat—quiver ‘neath your cut-off blue jean shorts.

Now readers, you must be quaking like Nixon’s knees post-Watergate hearing, yearning to uncover more about this grand gesture of vehicular chutzpah. So we encourage, nay, implore you to follow this link.

Do excuse us though; we’ve left an orange crate somewhere. Until next time, this is yours truly, Victor Vintage Vaughn, signing off with a sardonic smirk, earmarking yet another day in vehicular Nirvana. Sponsored by Global Self Storage, East Hampton, where we store your goods better than the FBI stores secrets or at least we think so; they won’t give us a straight answer. Call them on 888.851.5605 or say hello at hello@globalselfstoragellc.com.

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