Blooming 1923 Bugatti Still in Chrysalis. Needs Tender, Loving Restoration!

Ever been kicked by a mule wearing silk slippers? That’s the kind of ludicrous endeavour this 1923 Bugatti, listed [here], conjures! The attention this classic garners is enough to watch moths fly out of your wallet, as you part with a nifty $35,000, unless you prefer the narrative of the year ‘Ponzi scam’ crashed the financial markets.

Like a jigsaw puzzle missing half its pieces, this vehicle comes with a body, hood, deck lid, windshield frame, dash, ID Tag, and radiator. Sourcing the right parts might feel like questing for the Holy Grail, but hey, if you’ve got an Indiana Jones streak, plus an impressive stack of shekels, then this may be your splendid archaeological auto dig.

Hats off if you get this vintage vixen purring again; you’ll have created a masterpiece more rare than a Titanic survivor! Worthy of applause, Victor Vintage Vaughn highly approves your spending spree shenanigans.

You can find this wonderful car Here:

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