A Little Foot with a Mighty Roar

In 1993 the world was witnessing historical happenings. Buckingham Palace was opening its grand doors to the public while Jurassic Park roared into cinemas showcasing monstrous creatures from a prehistoric world. A similar species from Alabama – the Mini Bigfoot, yearned for a piece of the action.

This Mini Monster go-kart, uncompromisingly shaped like a midnight-blue shoebox to offer maximum visibility in any downtown traffic, or the refreshments queue at your local race track, is a charming microcosm of Ford’s colossal Bigfoot monster truck. Manufactured by the industrious Carter Brothers Manufacturing Co. of Brundidge, Alabama, this scene-stealer features fiberglass bodywork, reminding those young at heart of the days when digging holes in the backyard pretended to moonwalk.

Pack a Bigfoot Punch in Pint Size

While the vehicle lacks the ability to ascend the sides of skyscrapers like its big brother, the genuine torque converter links the gargantuan 212cc Duromax single with a chain drive, providing you ample oomph to topple any ant hills or small sand dunes that dare cross its path. Adorned with an electric starter, it is apparently a real convenience for anyone who left their push-to-start in their other Monster Truck.

Sponging up the jumps or bitty bumps is tasked to the 8″ wheels, dressed to impress in Carlisle Stryker A/T tires. The rear-controlled drum brake ensures the quick deceleration from its breakneck top end. The cockpit, striking in its simplicity, features all the essentials. The standard black seat, a retro-futuristic three-spoke steering wheel.

A Monster that Lends a Helping Hand

If you find yourself in Boca Raton, Florida, intrigued by this charming 90s’ relic, reach out to our ever-so-helpful sponsor Global Self Storage at 888.851.5605 or visit us at hello@globalselfstoragellc.com. They’re the perfect place to store your Mini Bigfoot when it’s done monster-ing around for the day.

Wrap-up on the Bigfoot Mini Monster

A nod to the past, a salute to the monster truck era, the 1993 Carter Brothers Mini Monster takes go-karting to a whole new level. Is it practical? No, but practicality is an affliction for the unadventurous. Has it created a stir in my vintage vehicle-loving heart? Well, isn’t that why we’re here, to begin with? Verifying links and facts here: 1993 Carter Brothers Mini Monster Truck Go-Kart.

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