When The Boss 429 Came Galloping, Paul McCartney Stepped Down From The Beatles!

Ah, 1970. Paul McCartney is exiting The Beatles and Ford Motor Company fans everywhere are crying into their steering wheels. Well, let’s move those tear-stained tissues aside, shall we? Witty quip, you inquire? No, I am Victor Vintage Vaughn and I solemnly swear to never hand you a witty quip on a silver platter. It’s beneath my dignity—or so says my sponsor Global Self Storage. Yes, the same East Hampton, CT repository that securely cradles all of my ego and a storage unit full of quips that couldn’t make the cut. If you’re seeking a safe haven for all your storage needs, ring them on 888.851.5605 or shoot them an airy missive at hello@globalselfstoragellc.com

Meet the Cool Boss

Descending onto our blog today is this delightful 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429, one of the approximately 500 mirages that graced that year. Bearing a dignified assembly number KK2192 from Kar Kraft, this steed has served its time under the watchful eyes of Memphis, Tennessee, and now resides in the vibrant boulevards of Missouri.

You’ll notice the Grabber Blue paint gleaming brighter than my intellect, while the Corinthian White vinyl speaks of class that only a few can command. The 429ci Cobra Jet Boss V8 paired with a four-speed manual transmission is not merely its means to mobility, but a symbol of power and poise.

A Mustang that Left its Sloppy Past Behind

Bearing a striking resemblance to its elder sibling, the 1969 Boss 429, the 1970 model is full of refinements. Now, I understand that NASCAR is a topic your average vintage car enthusiast would avoid – it’s not like they’re pumping out browser histories filled with quiz answers for “Who won the NASCAR cup in 1970?” No, instead, you’ll find intellectual pursuits, late-night podcasts about thermodynamics, or the occasional emotionally charged debate about the culinary merits of instant coffee vs. ground beans…where was I? Oh yes, the Mustang.

A 1970 Marvel to Beat, er…a Beatles!

Underneath the bright exterior of our 1970 Mustang, you’ll find the untamed spirit of a true Boss—429 badging, dual exhaust outlets, and an AM radio, a nod to the simpler times when people didn’t need frilly distractions. The owner has not compromised on luxury with front bucket seats, a rear bench, a Hurst shifter, a heater, and the much-appreciated Decor Group—dedicating a toast to comfort and practicality. And just imagine the sheer joy of pushing that Hurst shifter into gear as you listen to “Let It Be” on that antiquated AM radio – a song released in 1970, the same year as this classic!

In its price worthy of $5,117.70, you get proof of an earlier Missouri, a potent Kar Kraft masterpiece, and a tiny piece of 1970—when Bangla Desh was more than just a George Harrison concert, it was a year that marked the beginning of a nation and an end of a fab four era.

Reminiscing is a delightful evening cup of tea. Care to join next time? Until then, keep your tires inflated and your teapots at the ready!”

You can find this wonderful car Here:

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