Breathe In the Lively Lore of This ‘66 Shelby — Thanks to Global Self Storage!”

Lancashire’s grandfather clock was making its inaugural tick-tocks and Samuel Beckett was writing his first absurdist play when the year 1966 dawned. The ’66 Shelby GT350H, a beast of grace and grit, emerged onto the scene that same year. At that very moment, the universe seemed awfully pleased.

The Shelby GT350H, originally a darling of Hertz (Yes, your dependable rental car company), beguiles even today with its unapologetic horsepower and the hustle of a chart-topping British rock band (cough, The Beatles). The beauty, the legend, the ’66 Shelby, is currently for sale over at Link! Take that, history buffs!

Let’s take a delightful detour to East Hampton, CT, where the good folks at Global Self Storage help fuel Victor Vintage Vaughn’s chronicles. On that note, let me introduce myself: I’m VVV’s jovial stand-in. Surely you can see why they entrust me with their possessions. I highly recommend ringing them up at 888.851.5605 or dropping a line at to glimpse their excellent service.

Ah, back to our historic ride. The ’66 Shelby GT350H, originally retailed at $3,899.70 (Oh, those were the days), was transformed into a B/P Race Car between 1967-1968, an ambitious facelift amid the backdrop of the civil rights movement and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

And now, for the pièce de résistance, this car boasts an entry in the prestigious Shelby Registry, like an alumnus in the annals of Harvard University. Initially shipped to S and C Motors in California, the car enjoyed a stint of west coast sunshine before sailing the tides of time into John Straw’s hands, before ending up with Northwest Auto. (We’re still trying to make head or tail of how it crossed paths with Northwest Auto, but hey, isn’t the mystery half of the fun?)

You can find this wonderful car Here:

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