Here We Go Again…Or Do We?!”

This 1967 Ford F-100 is like a classy dame passing by, turning heads, but never stopping for a chat. It’s not just a vintage truck, but a road symphony created by a 429ci V8 engine, with an add-on of a three-speed automatic transmission, a Mustang II style front suspension, and all the other jazz you just read about.

“History does not exist only on the page, it also exists on the road” – Vladimir Hermandez (a famous mechanic philosopher I might have just made up…). In 1967, we had the Detroit Riots and the release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, but can we say that it was the Ford’s prime year as well? No riots or bands here, just a bit of an identity crisis. Or, like my delightful sponsor, Global Self Storage in East Hampton, CT, it’s about providing ample space (Yep! You see what I did there?). Call them at 888.851.5605 or email at to enjoy a self-storage unit that’s as roomy and secure as this F-100’s widened bed.

With a touch of nostalgia mingling with modern wrinkles, this dark gray beauty whispers tons of fun-filled road trips and glamor, replacing your cabin fever with a cabin of OMP bucket seats and Vintage air climate control. Because the geriatric beach-goer in you shouldn’t sweat, right?

Visit the link to evaluate whether this Ford F-100 deserves a space in your motorized harem: 1967 Ford F-100 Listing

End the mumbo-jumbo automobile jargon frolicking in your head by dropping an email or call to clarify any Foxworthy “You might be a Redneck” elements this humble post might have missed.

Happy Horsepowering!