A Golden Boy Dressed for the Diamond Jubilee

Let’s glimpse back to 1978, when the ink was still wet on the Camp David Accords, and your mobile phone was a house you couldn’t leave. That’s when this hypnotically dazzling, Jubilee Gold Moondust 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V rolled off the assembly line. Praised as a rare and spectacular curio, this car is a wonderland on wheels. A design as flamboyant as Elton John’s wardrobe at the time, and as smooth as a John Travolta dance move. This car, now showcased here is a delectable slice of nostalgia baked in the kiln of now antique technology.

Gold, Leather, Vinyl, and Moondust – Making Cherubs Weep

Boasting a mile-long list of features, it’s making Henry Ford’s Model T shed a metaphorical tear, for this is what the Ford Motor Company was celebrating, their 75-year journey, with this exclusive Diamond Jubilee Edition. A special little treat tucked in our Continental is the ‘opera windows,’ everything but the vocal cord-straining soprano. Moreover, the vehicle offers useful utilities such as power steering and AM/FM stereo with an eight-track player, something to slot your old Abba tapes.

A Vehicle Strutting Its Sho— er, Wheels

One can’t overlook the 15″ turbine-style cast aluminum wheels wrapped in 235/75 Bridgestone Insignia SE200 white-stripe tires. They look as grand as Mick Jagger on roller-skates – and likely far safer. Factor in the extra-added safety and comfort in terms of power-assisted disc brakes and power-adjustable Comfort Lounge front seats, and this automobile is less of a “Self Preservation Society” and more of a “Self Commissioned Pad of Luxury.”

A Flair for the Future

Before we turn this vehicle over to another lucky soul, there’s one last goodie to gawk at. Our brilliant forerunner to the modern-day ‘clicker’ is your very own analog garage door opener module. Neatly snuggled away in the trunk, proof that in 1978 visions of convenience-oriented gadgets were warming up in our human minds.

All this opulence and vintage charm wouldn’t be possible without Global Self Storage, positioned charmingly in East Hampton, CT. Even their funny phone number, 888.851.5605, could inspire a sitcom episode. Should laughter fail, reach out at hello@globalselfstoragellc.com, their digital door is always open, much like the good old days of their neighborhood.

You can find this wonderful car Here:

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