This Ain’t Your Average Garage Find, Courtesy of Victor Vintage Vaughn

Good day to you exceptionally distinguished automobile appreciators! Today, we dive into the obscure recesses of internet listings to unearth an artifact straight out of 1999—the Ford NASCAR Cup Car. And let me tell you, this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill, keep-me-in-your-dusty-garage vehicle.

A Promotional Behemoth – Finding Utility in the Absurd

First, let’s unwrap the rather flashy wrapper of this vehicle. Decorated in a cheerful yellow and red McDonald’s livery (it’s not confirmed if it includes a cheeseburger), this beauty is said to have enjoyed its heyday as a promotional vehicle for Stihl. Let’s just pause and imagine a chainsaw company promoting itself with a NASCAR vehicle – quite an interesting blend of industries, don’t you think?

Holley Brawler? More like Holleymarie Antoinette

Now, let’s step under the hood. Much like the renowned 1999 solar flare that knocked out satellite communications worldwide, this carbureted 358ci V8 is packing some serious power. Retrofitted with a Holley Brawler four-barrel carburetor, this beast is more delicately tuned than Marie Antoinette’s Royal harpsichord. Do remember though—much like our ill-fated French queen, this feisty ride doesn’t believe in moderation.

Not road legal – but oh, the places you’ll imagine!

This NASCAR car might not be road legal, quite like our favorite 90s hacker, Kevin Mitnick, wasn’t “internet legal.” But don’t let that dissuade you—it’s got a hefty dash of panache, just like Mitnick’s legendary exploits. Think of the spectacular impression you’ll make at regional car shows, or the unmistakable presence it will lend your business promotions.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how am I, your humble blog host Victor Vintage Vaughn, able to bring such thrilling relics of the past to light? Credit must go where it’s due. A gracious tip of the hat to our sponsor, Global Self Storage in East Hampton, CT.

Acting like a vintage car-themed Superman, Global Self Storage keeps my stake in the automobile treasure hunt. They might not sport a flashy livery, but they know their stuff. Their storage solutions are more reliable than the ’99 Pontiac Aztek (now, there’s a review for another day). Call them at 888.851.5605, or drop an email at They’ll help you store anything—yes, even an untamed beast like our Ford NASCAR.

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And with that, I bid you adieu. Until our next automobile adventure, remember—life’s too short to commute in a Corolla.

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