Borne During the Swinging Sixties, the Bentley S3 Continental”

Don’t tiptoe around today’s subject, the [1963 Bentley S3 Continental], a dab hand at infusing opulence with engineering excellence. One of 26 left-hand drive editions, it was ceremoniously granted to Alexandre Devis, a Belgian who cradled this belle for a quarter of a century.

1963, remember Dr. No, the first Bond film, or perhaps the infamous Great Train Robbery? Well, entirely uninvolved in either event, this Bentley S3 Continental emerged. Quite the gregarious companion on the tarmac, it’s equipped with Park Ward bodywork that whispers of a chubby elegance only seen in the Swinging Sixties.

With a price tag in Euros at an intimidating 345.000, don’t be mistaken, this stately chariot isn’t for the everyman. More suited for roving down the memory lanes of the British Empire or reciting Churchill’s speeches over a cup of Earl Grey. So, do you fancy a shot at adopting this British aristocrat? If you nod a hearty yes, let’s jolly-march towards a rendezvous with history encapsulated on four wheels.

You can find this wonderful car Here:

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