A Mulliner Park Ward Creation that’s Westminster Abbey, Meet Pointillism.

While the Trabant was busy championing for freedom by breaking boundaries between East and West Germany in 1993, this Bentley Continental R took an entirely different approach. Crafted by the esteemed Mulliner Park Ward, this automobile is the perfect whisper in the ear of the opulence and grandeur cultivated within Bentley’s four walls.

Graceful, imposing, and as well-bred as a royal derby winner, the 1993 Bentley Continental R serves sophistication like the Iron Curtain served political intrigue. Each line and curve on this belle of the ball is a testament to Bentley’s masterful artistry and chiseled creativity. Let’s not forget that 1993 was the year the Louvre Pyramid got its completion nod, too, and this Bentley is as much a provocative piece of sculpture as that pyramid, isn’t it?

On offer in the same enchanted Italian land where Botticelli once daydreamed about The Birth of Venus, this metallic charmer delicately balances old-world glamour with the timeless allure of comfort. Whoever said “Comfort is the enemy of achievement” clearly never sat in this Bentley.

If you fancy a slice of vehicular indulgence, dear reader, we invite you to take a peek. After all, where else can you find a home delivery service for luxury?

You can find this wonderful car [Link]

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