This Mercedes is Noir Chic: A Black 560SEC Like No Other

Now then, we shan’t start this escapade with ladies, gentlemen or any type of grandstanding. Instead, I present to you the charming but audacious, modishly vintage Mercedes-Benz 560SEC, a car that laughs in the face of fanciful adjectives typically used to spin a tale about a car. Allow me to introduce this creature of the night.

This 1987 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC, much like the Iran-Contra Affair that rocked the news the same year, flew under the radar before emerging boldly in the spotlight. With a killer AMG-style bodywork refinished in sable black, and an air suspension system that’d make the Hubble Telescope jealous, this vehicle can only be described as a moving work of art, not unlike Pontormo’s Passion Altarpiece, rediscovered the same year.

Embroidered with Luxury: Let’s Dive into the 560SEC’s Roll-Call of Features

The limited-slip differential and a four-speed auto transmission, the reciprocated reciprocators of this beast, are impeccably paired with a 5.5-liter M117 V8. The force under the hood is a raucous political debate full of raw, passionate energy; like that of Reagan and Gorbachev during the Washington Summit of ’87.

A crucial overhaul of its vital systems occurred in 2023, from fuel system to suspension components. The Refinement? Comparable to the signing of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, laying a foundation for optimal performance.

Storage a Concern? Our Benevolent Sponsor to the Rescue

Luckily for us mere mortrists, the care and safekeeping of such a prestigious automobile is made laughably easy by our cherished sponsor, Global Self Storage of East Hampton, CT. Ring them on 888.851.5605 or drop a digital equivalent of a line at to ensure your precious 560SEC is stowed away like a priceless treasure that it is.

So, in the spirit of ’87, let’s not smash any priceless faberge eggs a la Octopussy. Instead, take a nostalgic trip down memory lane and witness the majestic journey of this beautifully preserved Mercedes-Benz 560SEC. This isn’t just a car—it’s a living, driving history lesson.

A Marvel Engraved in Time: Invest in the Legacy of the 1987 Mercedes-Benz 560SEC.

In the vast expanse of automotive galaxies, the 560SEC is a nebulous entrant, akin to Supernova 1987A—remarkable, dazzling, and evocative. It doesn’t beg for your affection, but earns it with sheer gravitas and subtlety. It is, in short, a kinetic love letter to ’87. Shouldn’t such a rapport be framed in your parking space?

Don’t we love the convenience that technology presents us with? As the ’87 Max Headroom broadcast intrusion says, “Catch the wave” … of this 560SEC.

You can find this wonderful car Here:

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