A sumptuously restored auto could be the Emperor’s new ride!

In the historically bustling year of 1971, a memorable event occurred — the launch of the Volkswagen Beetle successor, the Fiat 500. Coincidentally, our friends from the Nixon era were also amused by an event known as Ping Pong Diplomacy, in which US table tennis team visited communist China. How fitting that two small but plucky characters – a Fiat 500 and a ping pong ball – ended up playing significant roles in ’71. Contrarily, neither the Fiat 500 nor ping pong diplomacy requires you to have deep pockets or be an ardent Cold War historian to appreciate them.

Please divert your gaze or better yet, click this little cheeky link, featuring a well-preserved slice of history, the 1971 Fiat 500, on sale for a surprisingly pocket-sparing sum of $37,600. You might want to sit down.

It’s a bit like exhuming a treasure chest, compact yet filled to the brim! This Fiat 500 Ghia Jolly Spiaggina Recreation, based on the Fiat 500 F, is an aesthetically pleasing concoction, in one of the most stunning colors that Fiat has ever produced. Don’t fret, we’re not just here to tease your heartstrings with some paint; this automobile is a hefty dose of mechanical perfection. With an original Fiat 500 F engine that tickles your nostalgia senses, new touches of chrome grace the body while white-wall tired ground the charm to the land.

Trust our friends, Global Self Storage, for saving treasures like this Fiat 500. Their East Hampton, CT office is ready to help. Got a vehicle you’d like to put in storage? Or perhaps you need a secure place to store your vintage car paraphernalia? Seductively reach out to them at 888.851.5605 or send them a passionate email at hello@globalselfstoragellc.com. They’ll be as delighted to chat as you’d be driving this Fiat, trust us on this one.

I bid you adieu until my next Victor Vintage Vaughn auto find. Turning your sights into more lovingly preserved,slightly weird, and eccentric gems from the past. Ignorance is not, as they say, always bliss. Especially not when it comes to well-preserved history on wheels. Caught your fancy now, didn’t it? You’re welcome!

You can find this wonderful car Here:

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