Discover the Diminutive Dynamo: The 1967 King Midget Model III

The Lilliputian Legend in a Lemon Hue

With a citrusy gleam as brilliant as the idea itself, we arrive at the unpretentious majesty of the 1967 King Midget Model III – a vehicle that dismisses the needless ostentation of size for the practicality of compactness. Never mind that seller’s claim of it being the β€œWorld’s Most Exciting Small Car” – I am keen on letting you make that judgment for yourself. This delightful rarity is currently basking under the Texan sun of Madisonville, eager for you to unfurl its tale, and to swipe that card for the rather specific price of $11,628!

From DIY to High Fly: The Midget’s Meteoric Rise

After WWII, America was hungry for wheels. The auto industry, having shifted gears (metaphorically, of course) to aid in the war effort, left a void King Midget was only too happy to fill – and fill it did, starting from humble origins of selling kits through magazine ads in ’46. Picture this – the buyer of a 1970 Hemi Cuda proudly driving it home, only to make a pit-stop to claim a King Midget! Now there’s a story to tell grandkids, eh?

Not Just for Jollies: The Midget Means Business

With chrome wheel covers and a picnic basket in the rear (aka the ‘day-at-the-beach’ package) this small car punches above its weight class. Adorned for a postcard-perfect beachside soiree, the Midget is, sadly, seen here sans topless photos. We’ll have to presume it works just as fine, as that single-cylinder engine doesn’t appreciate the struggle of deep sand.

The Fizzle after the Sizzle: King Midget’s Curtain Call

The King Midget Model III reigned supreme from ’57 to ’70, gracefully navigating the shifting sands of safety and emissions standards of the time till an unfortunate factory fire in ’70. A tragic end to this beautiful era, indeed.

A Royal Farewell?

The King Midget Model III might have become a ghost of the distant past, but it continues to fuel an ardent flame in the hearts of the few aficionados left in its wake.

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